Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Real Estate Attorney in Los Angeles Can Help on Adverse Possession

Most people dream of owning a home, but few have the financial means to obtain their goal. There are situations, however, where some take claim of the property not their own, and, eventually, seek legal representation to lock the property down as their own under the principle of adverse possession. Writing for SFGate.com, Yvonne Cousar said that this method of claiming home ownership may be on the rise, with more houses being abandoned due to foreclosures. The above is never truer than in the great state of California, with liabilities for unclaimed property currently sitting above $7 billion. Some of these are located in failed housing developments. Southern California, especially Los Angeles, is also littered with many abandoned houses. When you’ve set your sight on a certain property, and background checks show no potential hindrances, you can make the place your own with the help of a Los Angeles real estate attorney like Bruce Edward Schwartz of Schwartz and Wisot, LLP.

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